Set some goals!

Assignment One

27 February 2011


In less than 500 words please describe, in detail, some of your professional or academic goals. Select one to two goals that will take less than 5 years to accomplish. Select one to two goals that will take less than ten years to accomplish.

A goal can be something that is important to you that you desire to achieve. Goals could be the purpose for you to do well in your life. Goals are aspirations, dreams, and hopes.

When considering what goals to select for yourself, it is okay to think big. Think about interests and activities that you enjoy. Explore programs that suit your interests.

Goals: Objectives

For each goal, describe in detail how you think you need to achieve those goals. These are your objectives.

Objectives are smaller miniature-goals that you are able to accomplish and achieve as you progress towards your larger more significant goals. Think of objectives as the baby steps that you need to take to achieve your goals. This is going to be bulk of your plan. As you write about your objectives think about what you need to do and by when you want to have completed it.

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