Energize Up

How often have you found yourself lacking the energy necessary to get out of bed, eat, work, get naked, etc.? Today you can take a step to get more energy. Read below for one of five tips that will energize you without having to load up on stimulants.

Breath of fire: At the heart of yoga lie a set of breathing techniques designed to have very specific and, often, immediate, energetic effects on the body. And, whether you believe in the existence of a subtle-energy in the body (called Prana) as yogis do, or you prefer to attribute the stimulating effect to activation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, these techniques work.

The Breath Of Fire is a yogic breathing technique designed to not only cleanse, but heat and energize your body. And, it at it’s core is a series of quick, panting-like exhales. For detailed instructions, click here now.

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