Write Beyond Distractions

How often do you find yourself challenged to write? It may be that you are allowing yourself to be distracted. Here are some tips to help you reduce the distractions during your work time. Think: Game face.

  • Prepare for concentration
    Prepare your workspace. Make yourself comfortable. Schedule time to work. Schedule time to rest and refresh.
  • Beware of the bells and whistles
    Software may frequently get in the way by trying to correct your grammar, spelling, or formatting. Try using something less advanced like notepad, Notepad++, or Writer.
  • Downgrade your hardware
    Use a pen and paper. Use a dedicated writing laptop that runs a Linux installation like gOS.
  • Distance yourself from the world
    Listen to music. Wear headphones. Put on some white or pink noise. Consider reading glasses.

Learn more by visiting Lifehack.org.

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