DIY Roundup

Today we're sharing a few DIY tips, hacks, and mods we found on-line. Enjoy!

Altoid Toolbox

I’ve been wanting to craft with Altoid tins since forever. Have you ever googled all the things you can make with them? It’s mind-blowing. It makes me wonder if Altoid stays in business more for their tins or for their curiously strong mints. I vote for tins. But then I’m not a real big fan of curiously strong mints.

Self-Disinfecting Toilet Brush

What do you do with the toilet brush right after you use it? Hang it up? Lay it in the sink or bathtub to dry first? Or maybe you have one of those brushes with a built-in base that keeps the bristles corralled when not in use. All of these alternatives kinda skeenge me out, honestly, and whether it's realistic or not I have a kind of horror of loose toilet brushes and the germs I imagine growing on them.

Game Controller Management

A relatively simple hack. I was frustrated with the area above my radiator being useless, and due to an awesome sale, I got two SIGNUMS for about 12 dollars CAD total.

5 Tech Ways to re-use an altoids tin

My favorite is the MintyBoost! USB Charger, which can give your electronic device hours more power when you’re in a pinch. Incredibly useful.

Cable Hiding Desk

Using Google SketchUp, $150 in materials, and some wood working gumption, the results are anything but cheap looking.

Custom Silicone Ear Molds for your in ear monitors or headphones

There’s little worse than an amazing set of in-ear monitors that constantly fall out, and without that seal they’re not doing their job right. With some silicone putty, however, you can get a fit that seals right and locks tight.

Iron 7 shirts in less than 15 minutes

I hate ironing.

Build your own house

The more I investigate alternatives to buying cookie-cutter houses that are out of my price range, the more I realize the possibilities are almost endless, from building a home from scratch to purchasing prefabricated kit homes that don't necessarily need a stationary foundation.

5 household fixes to do yourself

You don't have to be a professional handyman to take care of common hiccups. In fact, a little bit of patience and diligence can eliminate repair and maintenance costs and help heal your bottom line.

Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks every day, and while it may not look like it, it can wreak havoc with our bodies. Here's how to set up a healthy, ergonomic workspace to keep you comfortable and injury-free.

8 DIY Desks

8 of the most stylish DIY desks we've come across, perfect for providing that DIY home office makeover inspiration.

The $10 $95 flashlight

Just another flashlight mod.

22 Ways to Reuse an Altoid Tin

Altoids have been freshening bad breath since the turn of the 19th century. But while they are touted as “Curiously Strong Mints,” perhaps the real curiosity is not the allure of the mints themselves, but the popularity of turning the tin in which they’re packaged into all sorts of truly handy, and just plain fun, creations.

The Altoids Tin Toolkit

It's a DIYer's pocket-sized toolbelt.

Altoid Survival Kit

This is ideal for anyone who wants to have the essential survival gear along each time they head into the field. Everything fits in the Altoids tin.

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