Minimize Spending and Maximize Time

By Modifying your wallet

The wallet is a useful tool in this day and age of consumerism. It enables us to purchase goods and services that we need or want by having our purchasing power at an arm's reach. How did you react when you read that I called a wallet a tool?

The wallet is a tool. Like any other tool it can be optimized and put to better use. A well-equipped wallet can help with your personal finance and to help you remember important things. Your wallet can save you time and money. Continue reading to find out how.

Equip the best credit cards

Credit cards are great for purchasing things and for keeping track of purchases. Unfortunately it is very easy to buy more than what is affordable. Find one good general use credit card. Keep that in the wallet. Freeze the others. Literally. Put them in a plastic cup of water and put that cup in the freezer. They'll still be usable if you need them but the idea is to pay off any balances and then cancel them.

Reconsider your purchase

If over-spending is problematic, wrap a picture of a goal or something inspirational around the credit card in the wallet. This will serve as a reminder of the big financial dreams that using the credit card may hurt.

Store your passwords

Jot down seldom used passwords and user names on an index card and keep that in the wallet. Please don't indicate which site they are for; this is a reminder.

Splurge on a wallet

Buy a good wallet. A good well made wallet can go a long way. If personal finance is important get something that will last and be in service for years.

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