Drop the Frakking I-Word from your Vocabulary

I for one, am very tired of hearing the I-word thrown around.
Use of the I-Word affects attitudes toward immigrants and non-immigrants alike, including people of color who come here from all over the world. The racially discriminatory message is not explicit, but hidden, or “coded.”

The term has deliberately been made popular in the media by a web of people and organizations that both promote anti-immigrant sentiment and encourage fear and division instead of facts and understanding.

This has happened in the past with other communities. The good news is that together we can drop the I-Word and hold media and public servants accountable.

Sign the pledge, asking the media to stop calling people “illegals.

What people really, truly, mean when they use the I-word, is to say "undocumented". Now, THAT, is a more accurate use of English language.
Then, there is the concept of separate "races".

There is one race!

It is the human race.

End of story.

For more on "race", please read:
the American Anthropological Association Statement on Race


Is intelligence correlated to dangerousness?

The video below, which aired on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, shows that a person's intelligence and/or preparation does not correlate to the danger they pose to our community.
If you don't believe me, watch the video for yourself:


Terrorism! But could we have prevented it?

Days ago, Representative Gabrielle Giffords was presumably shot in the head by an Amerikan Terrorist, Jared Lee Loughner. If only, someone had the god given ability to predict the future, this could have been prevented.

But there was a person that warned us that this would happen:

Sarah Palin!
She, took it upon herself to ensure that a map, predicting future violent outbreaks of Amerikan Terrorism, was posted to her website, to warn us of the imminent danger.

Her god given clairvoyance was wasted by an Amerikan public that was too consumed with the mid-term elections, the holiday season, and shopping to notice her belligerent warning. I sure hope that we pay more attention to people like Sarah Palin. How many more warnings shall we continue to ignore?

Could this have been the mastermind of this atrocious act of terrorism?


Most dangerous man in AZ?

The unfortunate truth is that we live in a community where there are those amongst us that desire personal gain at the expense of others. One such aspect of this vocal, albeit small population, is that they are ethnocentric. This group believes themselves superior to other people. More specifically, they believe they are superior to groups of people that are not in their own little group.

Now it can be easy to misunderstand the unfamiliar because it is just that; unfamiliar. But for some people that misunderstanding leads to fear and even hatred. My question is why? I don't get it.

And the following video doesn't really help me to understand it.

Read more on Russell Pearce here. This man poses a legitimate threat to the well being and advancement of our society. He is in a position of great power and seeks to use that power to further his agenda.
More about the video here.
Even more on Pearce here.
And even more on Pearce here.


Why can't you let him be happy?

The video below shows us a little about acceptance and understanding of others.

It doesn't really matter whether a little boy wears pink or if a little girl wears blue. What matters most is that they are allowed to be happy and to pursue their interests. It is in this way that they can best contribute to a society that is in humanity's best interest.

Thanks to @escontrias for showing me this video.


Happy Holiday!

In celebration of new beginnings, holidays, and a renewed interest in peace, love, and understanding please enjoy this music video of one of my favorite commercial jingles.