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The Study Hacks Blog outlines how to study in the most efficient way possible.

Today I'm sharing a study method presented by Study Hacks.
Scott Young has graciously shared his method for proficient studying and learning. Here are the basic concepts. Read the entire article for yourself if you find these ideas intriguing.

The main idea is to recognize that fast learners make connections between ideas; slow learners memorize.

The summary version

  • Ninety minutes creating a notes compression for the core concepts. (This involves cramming all the key facts and concepts onto a 2-sided paper)
  • Two hours completing and correcting one practice exam.
  • ...
    The power of the method doesn’t rely on the last minute checks, it’s about how knowledge was engineered from the beginning.

    Detailed version

    Study Principles:

  • Learn it once
  • Knowing is being able to teach
  • Memorization is the last resort.

  • Study concepts

    • Learn concepts by analogy.
      1. Break down the formula, idea or concept into smaller pieces.
      2. Ask, “Why?” to probe for patterns in the structure.
      3. Suggest some possible metaphors that fit the pattern.
      4. Use the metaphor to explain the idea.
      5. Strengthen the metaphor and repeat the process.
    • Learn facts through association.

    Please follow this link to read the entire article: Anatomy of an A+: A Look Inside the Process of One of the World’s Most Efficient Studiers.


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