The Prisoner's Escape

Rain. It can be wonderful to dance in the rain for a few moments but to have to endure it for longer is difficult. Yet I have always loved the rain and have yearned for a day like today. I sit now, stuck under the cover of a branch that has kept some of the rain off of me. It was an adventure that has brought me to this very moment. It all started yesterday.
Yesterday began as any other day. The sun rose, it's light shining through the window down to the cell, where I have spent my entire life. My captor brings me my meal, clean water, and leaves me to my day. On their way out the window is opened so that I can have air and listen to the outside world. The sounds outside run my imagination wild and I dream up a life of freedom. That is how I usually spend my day until my captor returns and then we spend the evening together discussing the day's events. It is always a one-sided conversation. I have nothing to say that would be understood. But yesterday was different.
It was getting late and I could see by the light of the sun through the window that it was getting late in the afternoon. My captor is past due. Anxiety starts to creep up my body. A soft rustling outside the window startles me and I cry out.
Nothing. Moments pass but still nothing. It is unnaturally silent. I hear the rustling again, this time louder. My vision partially blocked by my cage I cry out as I catch a glimpse of a terrible sight.
Covered in fur, eyes as black as night, four legs, a tail with, and dangerously sharp teeth and claws. The beast is designed to kill.
This is the first time in my life that I have seen such a creature. Fear shoots up my body capturing my breath. The beast, now at the window, squeezes through. Soon the beast will be upon me. Locked in my cage I had few options.
Up to now all I have ever known is the safety of my cell. Yes my captor would often let me out but it was always so dangerous. Boiling cauldrons of water. Four immense spinning blades positioned on the ceiling that could kill me. I almost preferred the cage. It was safe. But back to the story.
The beast had heard my frightened screams and approached my cell. In a series of leaps and bounds it landed on the cage. I still had the cell to protect me but the weight of the beast on the edge looking down at me was causing the cage to lean dangerously to one side; it toppled over crashing down leaving the cell's door wide open.
With not a moment to spare I launched myself at the opening and to the open window. With a quickness the monster sunk three claws into my back knocking me down. I stumbled and rolled across the floor, to the window. Just as quickly as the beast I leaped up and flew out the open window and into a nearby tree.
That was yesterday. Now I sit here today; in a tree, on a branch, in the rain. The beast left me many hours ago. I am free. Alone.

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