My other half

"I saw your other half on Monday. We were at a professional gathering of professionals and we spoke about how professional we were."

That was a dramatic reenactment of something that was said to me the other night when I myself was at a professional gathering of professionals (Toastmasters). It got me thinking, "I'm not an incomplete person, dammit."

Really, I just wanted to call attention to the idea that people don't necessarily need to be in a romantic partnership to be a complete person. People do need a varied assortment of relationships and social activity to live a full life. I'm not saying that each person is an island entire of them-self; I'm saying that the whole notion that a second person could complete another is, to me, silly. People are complete as individuals. Think of the ideas of collective impact, 1 + 1 = >2, apply that to your social life, and achieve great things.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I actually see this in a different vein. As a parent I am often reduced to "Mom" when taking my daughter to school events, doctor visits, cultural outings, etc. As someone who is proud of my accomplishments and contributions (motherhood being one of many) I find it insulting that I get reduced to simply being a vessel for someone else and basically seen as an unimportant un-unique entity.

Rare Hero said...

This is perhaps indicative of a larger theme of Amerikan culture where we as a society group people into manageable categories. All the couples go here. All the moms go there. All the liberals go here. All the theists go there. Fascinating.

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