Amazing American Express card limited time offer

Hi. For today's post I'll be offering a referral for the very cool to have, Starwood Preferred Guest (R) card from American Express.

All that I need to send the referral is your first name, your last name, and your email address. This offer expires 30 April (if this at all interests you, then, seriously, act now). If you click on the link, apply for the card, and are accepted, then I get 5000 points. To give you an idea of the value, I recently stayed at a Four Points by Sheraton for $25 a night. I ended up using 1000 points per night to cover the rest of the cost of the stay. It was actually a very good deal and, to top it off I was upgraded to a better room upon my arrival.

Sound good? Then click the picture link below to ask for the referral. Thanks.


Today is Good Friday...

Today is Good Friday, observed worldwide by Jesus buffs as the day on which the popular, bearded cultural figure, sometimes referred to as The Messiah, was allegedly crucified and - according to legend - died for mankind's so-called sin. Today kicks off a holy weekend that culminates on Easter Sunday, when, it is widely believed, this dead savior - who also, by the way, claimed to be the son of a sky-dwelling, invisible being known as God - mysteriously rose from the dead.

According to the legend, by volunteering to be killed and actually going through with it, Jesus saves every person who has ever lived - and every person who ever will live - from an eternity of suffering in a fiery region popularly known as hell, providing - so the story goes - that the person to be saved firmly believes this rather fanciful tale.