ASU Football 2013: year in review

This was a fun year for me & Sun Devil football. Aside from sitting behind the world's tallest ASU fan (not pictured), it was a fun year. I liked what I saw from the team and I hope that Coach Graham's staff continue to practice what they preach and serve the ASU football community with honor and integrity.

Sacramento State

5 Sep 2013

It was an easy win for the devils and a fun game. They were wearing my favorite uniform color combination - class maroon with gold helmets and pants.


14 Sep 2013

Although controversial1 I'm glad for the payback from a few years back in Madison2.

1: ESPN - Wisconsin stumbles on bizarre play

2: ESPN - Jay Valai saves win for Wisconsin with block on extra-point attempt


21 Sep 2013

Stanford can play some ball.


28 Sep 2013

This was probably one of my favorite games because it was a good old fashioned butt whooping for a USC team that hadn't lost in Tempe since before Pete Carrol coached there.

Notre Dame

5 Oct 2013

This was such a disappointing game - but only because I hate when Notre Dame wins a football game.


12 Oct 2013

Another easy win for ASU; this was not the year of the buffalo.


19 Oct 2013

UW was hyped up but they fell flat.

Washington State

31 Oct 2013

I did not watch this game, we went out dressed up in search of treats.


9 Nov 2013

I did not watch this game.

Oregon State

16 Nov 2013

Another good time at Sun Devil Stadium!


23 Nov 2013

I watched most of this game on TV and it was great to see ASU win the PAC12 South Championship.


30 Nov 2013

This was a great game because ASU led the entire game and there was little if anything that the #Mildcat fans had to cheer about.


7 Dec 2013

Stanford was such a good team this year. They played a complete game.

Texas Tech

30 Dec 2013

Not sure what happened here. Texas Tech showed up to win a football game.

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