Product review: Acer laptop

A couple of weeks ago my laptop (an old Lenovo running Lubuntu) was stolen. That meant that I had to buy a replacement.

I bought an Acer Aspire and here is my review.

What I Liked:

  • The price. I paid $300 for it.
  • The size. It is small and light enough to be compact. It is large enough to feel like you're using a full size keyboard.
  • The battery life. It seems like it lasts long enough for me to do all of my #GTD stuff in one sitting.

What I didn't like:

  1. The pre-installed OS was Linpus. Not only was I unfamiliar with Linpus but it was also a text-only interface. I need to have some sort of graphical user interface (GUI) to be able to do stuff. I used my HP Elitebook to download Linux Mint onto a flash drive and I installed that on my new Acer.
  2. The RAM memory was shipped with only 4GB. I bought an 8GB kit and installed it. It runs great.
  3. The touchpad was hard to use at first. It had this weird click function where I'd press down on the touchpad and the whole thing would click. I don't like that. I now use a USB mouse and disabled the touchpad - I like that much better. I also ended up changing the setting that allowed me to use a touchpad like a more normal touchpad where you could tap it and it would register as a click. I like that better than the default setting.

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ASU Football 2013: year in review

This was a fun year for me & Sun Devil football. Aside from sitting behind the world's tallest ASU fan (not pictured), it was a fun year. I liked what I saw from the team and I hope that Coach Graham's staff continue to practice what they preach and serve the ASU football community with honor and integrity.

Sacramento State

5 Sep 2013

It was an easy win for the devils and a fun game. They were wearing my favorite uniform color combination - class maroon with gold helmets and pants.


14 Sep 2013

Although controversial1 I'm glad for the payback from a few years back in Madison2.

1: ESPN - Wisconsin stumbles on bizarre play

2: ESPN - Jay Valai saves win for Wisconsin with block on extra-point attempt


21 Sep 2013

Stanford can play some ball.


28 Sep 2013

This was probably one of my favorite games because it was a good old fashioned butt whooping for a USC team that hadn't lost in Tempe since before Pete Carrol coached there.

Notre Dame

5 Oct 2013

This was such a disappointing game - but only because I hate when Notre Dame wins a football game.


12 Oct 2013

Another easy win for ASU; this was not the year of the buffalo.


19 Oct 2013

UW was hyped up but they fell flat.

Washington State

31 Oct 2013

I did not watch this game, we went out dressed up in search of treats.


9 Nov 2013

I did not watch this game.

Oregon State

16 Nov 2013

Another good time at Sun Devil Stadium!


23 Nov 2013

I watched most of this game on TV and it was great to see ASU win the PAC12 South Championship.


30 Nov 2013

This was a great game because ASU led the entire game and there was little if anything that the #Mildcat fans had to cheer about.


7 Dec 2013

Stanford was such a good team this year. They played a complete game.

Texas Tech

30 Dec 2013

Not sure what happened here. Texas Tech showed up to win a football game.

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